iPhone 5S and 5C Screen Repair

Since the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C in September of 2013, repair prices have remained in the $200+ price range. However in the last few months the prices have gone down significantly and we are now able to replace the complete front assembly for only $99. The 5S has several grounding points on

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iPad 2 Screen Replacement

You could easily break the bank trying to fix a “mishap” with an iPad 2. But rest easy knowing that you can get a cracked screen replaced for $140 out the door at Jer Repair.

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BIY: Break It Yourself

For people who live in more rural areas, their options for an experienced iPhone repairman are limited so mailling their phone into me is a great option. This client made an attempt to fix his iPhone 4 himself and do a white conversion in the process. Things did not go well for him. I always

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