August 2018 Special – iPhone 7 screen repair for $70

For the whole month of August we will be doing a price drop on iPhone 7 to $70 installed for aftermarket screens. This is a great change to get your screen replaced at a super reasonable price! We will still offer OEM screens, but the aftermarkets have come a long way, they’re a great budget option now.

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Now offering screen repairs for iPhone 8/8+

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Changes for 2017

Hello! Happy 2017 everyone, this is going to be a very special year. Now after serving the La Verne community for 7 years, I will be switching to “by appointment only” for 2017. I’ll still be in the shop every day, but I will be in and out more frequently.

Here is an updated price list also. Take care!

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iPhone 5S and 5C Screen Repair

Since the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C in September of 2013, repair prices have remained in the $200+ price range. However in the last few months the prices have gone down significantly and we are now able to replace the complete front assembly for only $99.

The 5S has several grounding points on the front assembly that must have their contacts cleaned after being handled. I have already had several phones brought in from “discount” iPhone repair shops where sloppiness has caused the new front assembly to malfunction. We maintain a great reputation by making sure your phone works as well as the day you bought it!

Come by any time to get your 5S, 5C, or any iPhone repaired at a reasonable price.

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iPad 2 repair

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How Clean is your iPhone?

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New Products

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iPad 2 Screen Replacement

You could easily break the bank trying to fix a “mishap” with an iPad 2. But rest easy knowing that you can get a cracked screen replaced for $140 out the door at Jer Repair.

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BIY: Break It Yourself

For people who live in more rural areas, their options for an experienced iPhone repairman are limited so mailling their phone into me is a great option.
This client made an attempt to fix his iPhone 4 himself and do a white conversion in the process.

Things did not go well for him.

I always boast that I’d be able to put an iPhone 4 back together even if you mixed up all the screws in a bag, so this was my chance to actually do it.

He told me he’d need a new screen and a new male connector for the home button, but he didn’t realize that he’d broken the female connector for the home button also.

I installed a new one for him and everything else went together great.

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